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How does this “happen”? March 30, 2012

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And by “this” I mean the whole blogging business. Do I have to plan what I’m going to say each day? Have a theme? Trademark a kicky little phrase like “Phew” or “Boo.” (Side note: I do truly believe that I am the one who started the current popularity of “Meh,” “Spency,” “Spency,” and “Hundredaire.” You’re welcome.)  I have been wracking my brain for good topics to talk to you guys about: things that will titillate (tee hee) or amuse or, you know, generally endear you to me. But I’m at a loss. (And, not for nothin’, I’m pretty sure I’m already as endearing as I’ll ever be.)


I could tell you how my mom lives with the whoringest ™ dog in the history of dogs. She literally humped her sister’s neck the other night. It’s funny but at the same time I feel like I need to register her with a Dog Sexual Predator website or something. Which is not a bad idea to start. I may need to create it and bring it to Shark Tank (the greatest show on television right now.)  I may even become a multi-hundredaire from that one!


I could tell you about how tired I am. But how boring would that be? Then you could tell me how tired YOU are and then we wouldn’t have anything else to say about that.


I could ask you to buy me a cheeseburger. Because I really want one. As a girl on a diet and a budget I’m trying never to order lunch or eat like that 2 days before weigh in. BUT I figure if someone else buys me a cheeseburger then I could get around the diet stuff. Free food is always calorie free, right? I would even spring for my own fries.


I could tell you my weekend plans but they involve the dentist (I should just move there) and working and a dog rescue meeting and could not be less exciting.  Maybe I should make up weekend plans and tell you those. Like how I’m going white water rafting and then camping…… Wait, that would NEVER EVER EVER happen. Not even in a dream. AHAHAHAHAHA. Actually I am going to look for prom dresses so that’s something fun. For myself.  Just kiddin. For my niece. But I’m happy to go if anyone in her class wants to invite me (hint hint.)


How about we make this thing interactive (and so I can tell if anyone’s actually reading it) and you tell me what you want me to talk about. Deep issues like loss and fear? Politics?  My hair (I could talk about my bangs ALL DAY so just say the word)?  Anything else? Or should I just generally clown around like usual?


Holla at me. 



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