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You asked for it…. March 29, 2012

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Ok, you didn’t ask for it. Out loud. But in your heads you were all “When is Heather going to start blogging?” I know, I heard you.  I’ve been resisting because really, who needs to hear more from me and then I realized everyone. Amirite? (Seriously I think that looks so ridiculous but it makes me laugh looking at it and saying it in my head. You too?) I mean, a status update is just not enough room. Plus, I feel like I always need to be funny in my updates. Like I have to impress the Facebook world. To out funny all the other funny people I’m friends with.  Which is hard. I know a lot of funny people. And sometimes I have something else to say. Something harder or sadder or more honest.  Something not suitable for Facebook.

So here I am.  We’ll see how this works. I read a lot of design blogs and blogs from authors I like. But not a lot of personal blogs (Dear friends who have personal blogs, I love you. I just don’t read you. Well, sometimes. Just maybe not on the regular. I’m sorry. Did I say I loved you?) So I’m not really sure how this works. But I’ll work it out. Or abandon it in a week. We’ll see.  For now here I am. Posting this and another, far more personal (too personal?) blog later today. We’ll see how it goes.

Welcome. To me. Thanks for coming.



2 Responses to “You asked for it….”

  1. love it!, by the way…delete that “test” post:) Blogger rule#1

  2. hfinn212 Says:

    what test post? i deleted the test comment. is that what you meant?

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